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May 7, 2018

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There’s three things I want you to consider in regards to your floor plan.

The first thing is knowing who your market is. I want you to know everything about who the market is for the property that you’re renovating. Whether it’s to sell or lease in the end, I want you to know what their needs are. Are they down-sizers? Are they families that need larger living areas and an indoor/outdoor space? Are they young professionals that need streamline, modern living and a sophisticated entertaining space?

You need to know absolutely everything about your market because that will then allow you to feed into step number two: knowing how they’re going to live in each and every one of those spaces. Once you know who your market is and you know their needs and their wants, you can actually look at the floor plan of your property and work out how they’re going to live in each and every one of those spaces.

What are the functions of those spaces? What are they going to need in those spaces to make them ideal for them? How are you going to deliver that? Either with the way you lay your furniture out or the actual floor plan of the property itself.